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4x4 clunking noise com, Suzuki 4x4 Club ™ Dedicated to all Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 18:59 Post subject: clunking noise: if I pull away smoothly my vit is ok, if I accelerate, then off 2000 4x4 Clunking noise Steering & General Suspension. 2004 Chevy Silverado® Making Clunking Noises Eric Bill’s 2004 Chevy Silverado ® made an odd clunking noise on the freeway when he ran over those little 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Clunking on 4x4 switch Also, with the leveling struts the angle of your cv axles is a lot more extreme which could cause more noise. Very loud, very metalic "clunking" noise when reversing. But absoultely no drive in the front wheels. I went for a wheel today, got out there. The light on the dash came on and it made the engaging sound. • 4H (4X4 HIGH) I own a Jeep 2002 Sport Wrangler. We tell you all about it and how to fix it inside Four Wheeler Magazine. It sounds like the drive shaft getting caught up on something. u 95 blazer 4. Now when I turn the wheel it makes a clunking noise. Learn more about Common Issues When Transmission Makes Clunking Noise and our car safety services in Victoria BC. This only happens when the truck is in 4-wheel Hi Everyone; I have a 2007 Nitro 4x4. i got stuck the other night in 2wd so i put it in 4hi. 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland V6 4x4,I drove my Jeep home last night and no sounds and this morning started making a clunking and rattling noise when I'm driving and it slows down as I come to a Alrgiht, when I was wheeling today, I noticed in 4x4 high, when the steering wheel is turned completely to one side, I hear a "clunk coming from The 2007 Chevrolet Silverado has 23 problems reported for rear end clunking. 4x4 Parts. Stock XJ Cherokee Tech. Got it home and took out the spark plug and put a screw driver in the as is stated in the subject, major clunking noise in the drivers side front when braking. I went ahead and replaced the passenger side CV axle. it would be clunking in the rear and the body would move side to side Clunk noise help. First I thought it was the bearing but it seemed to be more on bumps. It only does it in 4wd Hi or Lo. I have had it checked, the drive sha Q: Good morning, while driving there is a clunking noise when I go over bumps. Just found out that the clunking noise was caused by a loose motor my '98 Blazer 4X4 is starting to do the EXACT same I have noticed the rear end making a clunking noise when stopping Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford I have heard of the clunk on many trucks especially 4X4 alright here's the deal. terrible clunking noise while turning. It has 136K miles on it currently and im trying to diagnose a noise im hearing while braking and releasing the Slipping or Clunking in 4 This is my first 4x4 So I guess if the clutches in transfer case were dead or dying they would slip making this clunking noise? clunking noise in 4x4 there is a horrid sound while I engage the 4wd, or lock my hubs. Basically, I hear a clunking noise (clunk, clunk, clunk) under my car everytime I proceed to make a LEFT or RIGHT turn, but this noise only Ford F-250 Super Duty Clunking noise when I drive over bumps Inspection costs between $70 and $80 on average. There was a loud clunking noise in back of truck, sounded like something loose. heres what i got so far -it only happens when i turn left, even if it is only slightly turned -noise seems to increase in frequency when going faster; like speed is proportionate to the noise -seems louder over bumps -sounds like it is coming from the 2007 Tundra TRD 4x4 I just read this whole thread as my 06 DC 2wd is making this mysterious clunking/rattling/thumping noise Tundra front axel noise, If it's a 4X4 and has the torsion bar I replaced mine last year after hearing a clunking sound taking off from a clunking noise is usually an indicator of This is my first thread i hope someone can helpI was taking the bike for a ride then all of a sudden it just died on me. Over the past several weeks I have noticed a clunking noise from the front passenger 4x4 conversion, manual hubs, 2002 Ford Explorer, Auto 4x4, I have a clunking noise, under low speeds making a turn, more so when turning up the slope - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic 4x4 Clunking noise. Hilux 4x4 Enthusiast forum where we share our passion for Toyota Hilux vehicles. . Remove Advertisements. hello everybody, So I have a 2001 2500 4x4 5spd with a D60 up front and levelling kit Weird clunking noise when turning and or hit a hard bump I hear a clunking noise. I have been having this noise for a long time now and i can hear it and feel it when I'm driving. One important thing to know is that the Wrangler's 4x4 system is a strictly "part-time" design that was not designed for use on pavement, 4wd clanking/clunking noise. 6L 4x4 --> Dads I have a clunking noise in the front end of my 2001 ford ranger 4 wheel drive, like something is catching every time the - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic Ford F150 Forum. I cant figure out where or what is causing it. Loading Unsubscribe from sometimes they make a clicking noise, Hello everyone I have a 04 1500 4x4. 2004 GMC 1500 4x4 It doesnt happen every time, Clunking sound from rear end from stop. 4x4 clunking noise! when i ket off gas it stops. The parts and labor required for this service are I have 99 S10 4x4 with ZR2 suspension and 4. . I've checked the ball joints, tie rods, sway bar links (rep Ever since I bought the explorer about a year ago there has been a clunking noise in the front end when 2003 Explorer limited 100th anniversary 4. I've noticed that when I engage my 4wd, the transfer case makes a clunking noise (the noise is Chevrolet Blazer Noises and Sounds. Took into Woodridge Ford in Calgary and they sorted it all out in one afternoon for $500 bux. about a month ago i was driving down the road during a storm and my truck mad this clunk noise almost as if it popped out of 4x4 into 2x4 and back If you own a 1999-2007 fulklsize GM truck, SUV or Hummer, you may have encountered the common clunking noise behind your steering wheel. > FREE expert answers to automotive questions Alright guys I purchased a new 2017 chevy Silverado LTZ z71 with the 8spd trans and 5. 4x4 decided it wouldnt engage. now i know, as i did, that everyones first thought is going Re: Severe clunking noise Transfer/transmission mounts? I've spent many recent evenings trying to locate a clunking noise in my vehicle, and finally found it tonight - a mildly loose panhard bar. Slightly random clunking noise from front end I started hearing a dull clunking noise coming from the front end at more or less random times. 3L motor. or a clunking noise from the driveline. Automatic Transmission. Learn about this problem, why it occurs, and how to fix it. All stock 2002 GC Overland Started Saturday night when I tried to do a doughnut on wet grass. 7 4X4. or so only when engaged in 4x4. Any The 2003 Chevrolet Silverado has 10 problems reported for clunking noise when accelerating. I have a 2001 dodge ram 1500 4x4 and it makes a clunking sound like it is skipping gears when I engage it in four I - Dodge Cars & Trucks question We have a mystery: there's a clunking sound from our right front wheel when we turn, but our mechanic can't figure out why - he says the axle, struts and ball joint there all look fine. Does this make the same clunking noise when you're in four wheel drive? Noise is not nioticeable in 4x4 operation. I was thinking the tie rods but there is no wobble in the steering wheel. Took it to the dealer and they initially said it was the drive shaft and they would have to order the part. I have been getting a loud clunking noise when going from 2 wheel high to awd or 4 wheel high while under way. GC 05 3. A car making a clunking noise could have one or more of a number of problems, including problems with the transmission, exhaust system or wheel bearings. I have warren I'm not sure under what topic to post this because I don't know where its coming from. Front end poping/clunking noise. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks, Kelly crazy clunking noise while Ensure that the 4x4 lever has not inadvertently been pushed forward in the 4x4 position If it is windup, the noise will stop when "On the clunking noise with new shocks" I had the same problem, had the wife jump on the bumper while I was under it, found the problem. I tried to start it back up and it was making a loud clunking noise from the engine but would not start. Im getting an intermittent popping/knocking/cluncking noise felt under the driver's side floor right under my feet. How do I Troubleshoot a Transfer Case That Makes a Clunking While a number of problems can occur in the transfer case that would result in a clunking noise, So figured out my clunking noise - ended up being front drive shafts. I have a 4x4 and mine does the same thing. 3L Vortec engine. 4x4 clunking - Last night I put my Mercury in 4 wheel drive go through snow just taking off I hit the gas and heard a clunking noise then the clunkin Possibly a shagged idler arm - if the bushes are warn, it will shift around in its casing causing a clunking noise. ( Jay-Cee ) hey. So the other day I was driving down a road in my town, particularly a bumpy, crappy road but of course the best route, i hit a few bumps and got a strange and horrible grinding clunking noise front the front end, stopped and checked and saw nothing, nor did i feel loose parts. [Archive] Noise / clunk / skip in 4x4 High 4WD Systems I have about 15K miles on the truck and when I put it into reverse and start to backup I get a clunking noise. I got home To start off I have a 94 Chevy K1500. Also a few weeks ago I noticed I have a humming noise t know if this is related to the clunking 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4-Clunking when shifting Tags: knowledgeable toyota rep, toyota repair service, toyota repair diagnosis, toyota repair, 2003 toyota, 4x4, suv, 4 wheel drive, 4 speed ect with snow mo, rear end noise, brake noise, clunking noise, clicking noise, creaking noise, toyota, toyota, highlander, highlander Board index » KJ/KK/KL Liberty/Cherokee Discussion Areas » KJ 4X4 Discussion---2002-2007 Liberty Models. something is bent or broken, but I do not know what. At very low speeds there is a clunking sound on front drivers side. When in 4wd mode there is a shudder and noise. It almost sounds as if the tailgate is please help. Hilux 4x4 Forum. 2000 TRD Tacoma 6cly. Remove the big nut at the top and see if there is any play, if there is play, you need to replace. Clunking noise due to drivetrain slack on a 1996 Chevy Suburban; the dealer claims it's normal. The site for Ford wierd clunking noise coming it should sound like. The site for Ford 2009 Platinum 4x4, Black on Sienna Brown, Moonroof, NAV, TBC, however they agree that there is a clunking noise, I can't duplicate the noise in the air but as soon as I put it down My 2000 4x4 had clunking at the driver's side front end Clunking under front-end IP Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Steering May Develop Clunk Noise From Upper Intermediate Steering Shaft - 176 reports. All Clunking noise after lift? Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2013 Does anyone out there know what may be causing a "clunk" noise in the Driver's side front suspension on my '02 F250 4X4? I am not the only 1999 GMC Sierra 1999 GMC Z71 4X4 'clunk' noise. 6 vortec 4x4 My blazer makes a clunking noise every 50ft. when taking off from a stop i get a clunk noise from the rear end. Took to service they said [Archive] 4x4 Clunking 4x4 Drivetrain Chevy TrailBlazer, TrailBlazer SS and GMC Envoy when i straighten the wheel and drive straight there's no noise or feeling. Whenever I come to a stop I hear a clunk sound coming from t G'day community. I had her up on the lift, and all the bushings seemed fine. I don't really feel anything, just hear a metallic clunking that seems to come from the rear end. When you engage your 4x4 you really might not hear anything but when you F150 4x4 IWE Clicking, Grinding Making Humming Noise Bullshitkorner. 4 wheel drive noise in 4 HI. The noise sounds like it is I have about 15K miles on the truck and when I put it into reverse and start to backup I get a clunking noise. When I go over bumps, I get clunking noise in the rear passenger side. The noise happens when you go forwards or backwards and seems to get a little quieter when 4x4 is My truck had a clunking noise coming from the front end I was just driving home and I started hearing a weird clunking noise. I was wondering if you could help me with this one. Clunking noise comes from both the front left and right side. Average repair cost is $1,200 at 61,500 miles. 5 speed, 4x4 E-locker (with grey wire mod) , Billy 5100's mid setting with OME 881's, mMy ford Explorer 2000 4x4 is making a clunking noise when I drive it . Sep 11 2012, 10:54am. all 4 tires spin but still the clunking noise. Hey guys When turning right or left slow speed and starting up a grade i have a clunking noise in my front end. It will wont do it in 2wd. Clunking noise in front suspension- Really annoying Pads were changed recently but it makes a heavy clunking noise, 2005 4Runner Sport Edition 4x4 Hey yall, my girlfriends brother bought a 300 4x4 its in or looked to be in mint shape, hes had it for about 2 weeks now, and just yesterday it started making a noise, when putting around in first gear you can hear like a clunking noise that comes from what appears to be from the rear on the left side, its not a constant noise, youll be creepin ISSUE: Some vehicles may exhibit intermittent or no 4X4 engagement, even while the 4X4 lamp is illuminated, and/or a “clunking” noise may be heard while shifting into 4X4 on the fly. V6, Tires MT/R - 245/75r16 I have a problem with my vehicle and was hoping for some advice please. Thanks Jim. I'm the proud owner of a 06 Silverado Ext. 4x4 still seems to work but it's almost like it's skipping when there is a lot of pressure on it. See if your front 4x4 axle and or driveshaft <- first and see if they have give. my '94 4x4 makes really loud clunking noises while turning left. - Toyota Cars & Trucks question Offroad & 4x4; Paint Why is my Front Suspension Clunking? Other possible issues that can cause a clunking noise from the front suspension include I have an 05 liberty 4x4, when i engage the four wheel drive I hear a clunking sound in the front end which increases in frequency with speed. It only happens when backing up with the wheel I have a 2011 tacoma and I have noticed that the front suspension makes a clunking noise whenever going over road gaps, potholes, bumps etc 2011 White 4x4 double Cab. 08 800 outlander clunking noise?? - posted in Outlander discussion: hey guys, my names Jordan im from Canada and im new here, 2006 Chevy Tahoe 4WD noise A clunking noise is frequently heard The 4WD bullentin says something about it's normal for the 4x4 to make noise if turning When I take off from a stop, there is a loud clunking noise in the rear end. All XJ Non-modified/stock questions go here - Clunking Noise when in 4 wheel drive - Hey guys. i say dont worry about it unless it gets any louder or changes and starts clunking or anything When in 4x4 and turning, I just bought a Nitro Rt 4x4 and the front end makes a clunking noise when ever i hit a bump, does anyone else have this problem Details of all Suspension/Clunking Noise problems of Dodge Ram 1500. Clunking noise on rear of my hilux Ford F150 Forum. My 2004 Dodge one ton 4-wheel drive duelly makes a clunking noise in the front end when I make turns. The truck has over 200,000 miles on it and I have just replaced the front hubs about t Dodge Dakota Forum for Dodge Dakota trucks with an interactive site including Dodge Dakota Forums, Pictures, Links, Message Boards, and Chat Forum Dodge Dakota Forum for Dodge Dakota trucks with an interactive site including Dodge Dakota Forums, Pictures, Links, Message Boards, and Chat Forum When I got stuck my front end started making this clunking noise. Check out the sticky on the 4X4 forum I too had the clunking sound just as described in and only motor mounts and lo & behold it resolved the clunking noise. OME 3" Lift - Front Clunking Issue. 4x4 and Off-Road Forum forums, Check out our guide to Identifying Bad Axle Noises. 4x4 clunking noise